Title Revealed (Book Two of The Taken Series)

By: Sarah Jayne Harry

Six years after leaving England, Tayla is living a perfectly happy life in Havana, Cuba with her family and friends. One day, when she hears of her father's passing, she refuses to miss the funeral despite Damien's stern warnings of disaster. Booking the next available flight, she flies back to England with a reluctant Damien and their overjoyed daughter, Maria by her side. Once they arrive in Cornwall though, things slowly start to go wrong for the family in hiding.​ Tayla attends her father's funeral while staying hidden amongst the shadows, but once again things don't go to plan when her identity is revealed and she has no choice but to reveal her deepest, darkest secret. With everything now out in the open, and with things steadily getting worse, Tayla enlists the help of a strange man with his own secret agenda to help her protect what is left of her family. * * * * * Content Warning: this book contains scenes of adult situations. 18+ Mature readers only


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